Breaking news at feron clark style

Breaking news at feron clark style

I spent a staggering 35 hours (so far) shopping and prepping for my Spring/Summer Trends workshops, which take place next week. I am so excited about showing you the lovely pieces I have assembled from many different brands … though my credit card took a real battering!

I want to share with you some good news. After 24 years in the fashion industry, a handful of brands have now recognised me as something of ‘a big cheese’ on account of my knowledge, experience and skills in the field and they have invited me to join their affiliate scheme, which is a bit like being an influencer.


What does this mean for me?

The likes of M&S, John Lewis, French Connection, Clarks Shoes and a handful of other brands have officially attached me to their brand. So if I were to recommend something from their ranges and you used the link I provide to purchase that item/s, I would earn a small commission (between 1-7%). Please don’t worry, this is not going to make me a millionaire and I shall not be running off to retire in the Bahamas any time soon!


What does this mean for you?

I have an idea of what my clients like based on their colouring, body shape and lifestyle. I think you’ve known me long enough by now to know that I dress like a working mum who happens to be a stylist – I don’t wear outfits that are just for the camera. I like to think that I’m authentic and grounded. Moreover, because you like what I wear and what my brand stands for, you have kindly chosen to follow me.

I want to reassure you that I will continue only ever to recommend clothes and accessories that genuinely inspire me. I often recommend brands at my workshops, for my inbox outfit service, on social media, for personal shopping and on the shopping list that I compile at wardrobe consultations. I recommend the things that I love and very often these are items which I have tried and tested. Up until now I have NEVER received a single penny from retailers for doing so. In the interest of transparency, however, I feel that it is important to share this new development with you.

I will continue to shop as broadly as I always have in order to seek out things I know you will love, and at times this will include affiliate brands. I’ve put together a new page on my website called ‘Anita’s picks’, where I list items I’ve bought this season (with my own money) which you may wish to purchase too:

Thank you for being on this colour, style and fashion journey with me. Best wishes from your image consultant in London and Surrey,

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