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Why do we wear make-up?

Why do we wear make-up?

Why do we wear make-up?   Hello, this is my first blog about make-up but felt it was a good time to pen something. As part of my colour consultation service I do a mini express make-up lesson and I’m staggered by what I hear and see sometimes. I just wanted to share some commonly […]

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menopause makeover

Exciting new service – Menopause Makeover

Dear ladies I’m very excited to be sharing and launching a new service with you! Are you perimenopausal? Are you going through the menopause? Have you gone through the menopause?If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then a Menopause Makeover consultation is for you. Your menopause should NOT be a midlife crisis […]

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Influencer for UK's high street

Breaking news at feron clark style

I want to share with you some good news. After 24 years in the fashion industry, a handful of brands have now recognised me as something of ‘a big cheese’ on account of my knowledge, experience and skills in the field and they have invited me to join their affiliate scheme, which is a bit like being an influencer.

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Best Red Lipstick 2019

Here at feron clark style we LOVE getting dressed to the nines and heading out on the town for a fab night out. A bit of sparkle, a fabulous pair of shoes and a killer dress all make for the perfect look. All too often we’ll spend hours, or even days, searching for the perfect outfit for that special event, only to leave our beauty look to the last minute. This season make sure you plan ahead to ensure your pout is perfectly polished too.

A statement lip is THE look to be seen in this winter, so here are my top tips on which shades to choose and how to make your lips last!

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Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas: Get an Unique Experience Day

Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas: Get an Unique Experience Day

All I want for Christmas is …

To feel more confident about the way I look;
A better idea of which colours and styles will make me feel good and look fabulous;
A wardrobe full of clothes I love;
A better idea of where to shop to save both time and money;
To be the envy of my friends and family;
To have a colour and styling party with my friends;
To have something new I can add to my wardrobe monthly which is going to be perfect for me;
To cut the mustard with my personal style in my new job; and
To go back to work looking polished and current

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Personal Stylist in London

Seven ways to keep warm this winter

Seven ways to keep warm this winter: be warm, comfortable and stylish. Brrrrrrrrrr, winter is really here. Below are my top tips to help you choose warm clothes. It’s all about layering, but you don’t have to compromise your style and I hope you find my blog useful.

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