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    If you need help with any of your personal styling, regardless of where you are, I can help you with looking and feeling your best


Colour Zoom consultation

Modern technology means that distance is no longer an obstacle and this is a service which has been popular during lockdown as clients still want to look their best.

Part one: call one

The consultation is in two parts and lasts a total of one hour.  Prior to the first part, you will send me some headshots, taken in natural light and without make-up, after which we schedule the first Zoom conversation.  During this thirty-minute call, I establish your colours by asking a series of questions regarding your skin-tone, hair and eye colour.  I also talk you through the science of colour and how it relates to you.  After this I will post you a personalised colour wallet (worth £65).

Part two: call two

Once you have received your colour wallet we schedule the second call, where I explain in detail your personalised colours.  I talk you through the difference between neutrals and colours; how best to wear those colours near your face; how to combine colours; how to sort out colour in your wardrobe; choosing fabrics; how to tie scarves; and whether gold or silver jewellery suits you best.  I will also give some basic advice on make-up.

The cost of the consultation is £200.  This includes an hour of my time, your colour wallet, a colour/style book and postage and packaging.


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Colour Consultation in London and Surrey

Colour Consultation at my studio

As your image consultant in London and Surrey, this is one of my most popular services where you’ll come to my studio for a one-to-one. Wearing colours near your face that complement your skin and hair tone will make you look younger, healthier and fitter and will give you greater confidence.

A colour consultation will demonstrate

  • why certain shades flatter your natural colouring more than others
  • how to wear and combine colours
  • how to co-ordinate your existing wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without buying more clothes
  • where to shop to find the colours that suit you this season
  • the best make-up shades for you
  • the best jewellery for your colouring.

A consultation lasts 90 minutes and you will leave with a personalised 42-colour wallet (included at £65) to use when you go shopping.

colour consultation: £275, 90 minutes


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Style Consultation in London and Surrey

Style Consultation

Knowing what looks great on you isn’t always easy to figure out. A style and image consultation will determine the best styles and fabrics for your body shape to help you look great and feel confident, whatever the occasion.

I will offer advice on where to shop to achieve a perfect fit for your particular body type, and I will give you tips on how to develop a co-ordinated wardrobe that you will get maximum usage from. All of this will be summed up in a style workbook (included at £15) which you will take away with you for future reference. There are some useful articles on my blog page.

style consultation: £365, 2.5 hours


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Wardrobe Consultation in London and Surrey

wardrobe consultation

For when you need a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes on your wardrobe. Based on your colouring, body shape, lifestyle, personality and budget, I will visit you in your home and help you refine your existing wardrobe. I will then provide you with a precise shopping list (by item, colour and where to buy) to help you plug the gaps. Don’t be one of the many women who wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time!

wardrobe consultation: £140 per hour


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menopause makeover

menopause makeover

The majority of my clients fall into the 40 to 60 age range. And it’s their feedback and concerns about the effects of the menopause that has been the catalyst behind me offering this new service. I’ve seen hundreds of women for one-to-one consultations relating to some or many of the symptoms of the menopause. Remember, life begins at 50 and I’m here to make sure you look colourful, stylish, appropriate and current, whatever you’re going through.

£560, four hours at your home.

There’s so much to say about this new service; please click here to find out what’s involved and how I can help you.

Read full details about the service.

image sourced from https://www.windsorwomens10k.com/why-run-a-10k-in-your-40s/

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Personal Shopping

Before we meet at a shopping location, I establish exactly what it is you need to buy and why – either by telephone, email, Skype or in person. I usually arrive in advance to assemble items ready for you to try on. There is absolutely no pressure to spend more than you can afford. While we shop I will go through the basics of style and colour to help you create a focused, honed and complete wardrobe full of great things to wear.

personal shopping: £140 per hour


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Zoom one-to-one: on-line advice for you

Technology is a wonderful thing and means we can stay connected, and I am still here to offer friendly advice, face-to-face, albeit remotely.  I can help you look and feel your best via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. So, if you have time on your hands, now might be the moment to take a good look at your wardrobe, accessories and make-up. Or, if you need guidance, an update or a nudge in the right direction with your style needs, then a friendly professional face and voice is here to help. If the world around us looks gloomy, let me help you look and feel your absolute best — even if you are having to stay at home.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements.

£100 per hour


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Denim Details as a Personal Stylist in London and Surrey

Inbox Outfit

Would you like a drip-feed of newness into your wardrobe once a month? Would you like an expert to select the best picks for your colouring, lifestyle and budget? For as little as £15 per month, I can ping an email to your inbox with an item of clothing or an accessory which I know you’ll love. Once I’ve established your best colour and styles, on the first of every month I send my recommendation to your inbox with a photograph of the item, a hyperlink to buy it on-line and details on how to wear it. That way, you’ll get regular newness injected into your wardrobe, how wonderful is that?

inbox outfit: £15 per item per month or £375 for 25 items per season.


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Zoom or one-to-one training for small businesses

Are you a fashion stylist, personal stylist or image consultant or a small business needing some specific additional training in the following areas to improve your business strategy, win more clients and gain more exposure? If so, I offer one-to-one training on:

How to improve your Instagram following and reach

How to run a successful, profitable business by focusing on marketing and branding

How to improve your colour analysis skills

Understanding body shape, scale and proportions

Offering profitable Zoom services to your clients

How to build successful collaborations with brands

How to run successful on-line or face-to-face workshops

Understanding style personalities in detail and how this affects clients’ choices

Specific one-to-one advice on any other aspect of your business and client base

Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements and I can tailor-make a package that works for you.

£100 per hour


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Gift Vouchers for Styling Services

gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of my personal and home styling services. That way the recipient can choose the perfect styling solution for themselves and their home.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months. Send me an email and I will do the rest.


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