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Style for you and your home

Hello! I am thrilled to welcome you to my website and to my world of colour, style and design: three elements that perfectly showcase my personality. I love playing with colour and am confident at introducing it into my clients’ lives. How you choose to dress and how you choose to style your home can make a really powerful statement about who you are. I am here to help you refine your style personality, through both your clothes and your home.

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How to organise your wardrobe and edit your clothes

How to organise your wardrobe and edit your clothes. I often get asked how often you should have a good clear out of your wardrobe and my advice is always once a year. So with the New Year starting, isn't that the best time? You will be able to see what you've got and what you need by having a sort out. This 13 minute video will give you lots and lots of useful tips. Good luck!

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