Embark on an Exciting Style Journey, and Embrace Change!

Like updating your wardrobe, life offers endless reinvention opportunities irrespective of age, budget, complexion, lifestyle or body shape. So many women I meet through my work as a personal stylist feel stuck in a rut or need help with the colours or style of clothes they wear, and there are countless reasons for this. Please let me know if you’d like specific 1-2-1 advice about improving your style and feeling confident in your colours and style. Here are the links to find out about my services, designed to cater to your unique needs:


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In the meantime, here are ten fashion-forward changes to consider: Experimenting with different colours, patterns, and silhouettes, incorporating statement pieces, and mixing up your accessories. These changes can help refresh and update your style, and I’ll be here to guide you through each one. Sometimes, it takes a slight shift in mindset and outlook to feel better in your style, and it can make you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.


1. Embark on a Fashion Adventure: Break free from the same neutrals and infuse your wardrobe with other neutrals that reflect your outlook and personality and maybe more flattering to your complexion.  If you are trapped in black, try navy or charcoal. These dark universal colours suit everyone and have the same slimming effect as black but may be softer and more complementary to your skin tone. It’s a thrilling journey of self-expression and discovery!


2. Add colour: How about a pop of pink, red, green, or purple? You don’t have to wear it head-to-toe, but you can use it as an accent in your outfit or accessories or add colour to your makeup or nails. How about a bold red lipstick and nail polish? Or a pink silk scarf worn with a navy sweater—there are endless possibilities. Click here for some plain, affordable silk scarves in over 16 colours.


3. Try New Silhouettes: Step outside your style comfort zone by exploring different cuts and shapes that flatter your figure in fresh, unexpected ways. For example, how about swapping your skinny jeans for a flattering straight-leg pair? Here’s a link to some jeans that my clients love but won’t break the bank: Straight-leg jeans

Or a T-shirt with a different neckline and sleeve length: White V-neck T-shirt


4. Mix and match: Play with patterns, textures, and accessories to revitalise your wardrobe staples. If you always wear block colours, consider adding patterns/prints such as geometric, animal, or floral prints. On the other hand, if your wardrobe is predominantly patterned, try adding some plain-coloured items for a balanced look.


5. Embrace Statement Pieces: Incorporate bold statement pieces, such as statement accessories such as jewellery, scarves, bags, belts, brooch or footwear, to add a touch of glamour and confidence to your look. For example, don’t empty belt loops; add a simple brown belt with your jeans; click here for one I think you’ll love.


6. Mix up your metals: If you always wear gold, silver, or rose gold, how about wearing a different metal, mixing two or more metals, or adding more colour? If you tend to wear your jewellery the same way day in and day out, try layering necklaces of various lengths. Here’s the link to affordable necklace fashion jewellery.


7. Define Your Signature Styles: Your signature style uniquely expresses your personality and preferences through clothing and accessories. Take the time to discover and refine your signature styles, allowing them to evolve with you as you embrace new trends and experiences. Remember, true style knows no age! 💃 There is no right or wrong here: you may want to opt for a casual natural style when you’re off duty or mum on the run, but for work, you’d like to be city chic and for a night out, maybe a dramatic? Within each style personality, figure out the signature pieces and see if you already have them or if you can buy them second-hand, loan them or buy the best you can afford. This is something I can help with on a 1-2-1 basis.


8. Don’t save anything for the best: Wear what you love as much as possible. No excuses, ladies! Otherwise, items will hang around for warmer days or the right occasion. Besides, most items are machine washable. Invest in vital layering pieces to wear high-summer items throughout cooler months. So wear that silk dress with trainers to the supermarket; your best jeans aren’t just for night outs; layer a sweat catcher (must be short or long-sleeved) under your pretty top so you don’t have to sling the outer garment in the wash after one wear which means you’re more likely to wear it. These sweat catchers are available in seven colours, and I swear by them: Supima cotton sweat catchers.


9. Change your hairstyle: Do you always wear a middle parting? Let’s push it to a side parting and see the difference! It’ll give you a new, updated look without a trip to the hairdressers. Or how about a new style? Cut a bit off the length, add layers, or go grey gracefully. Whatever it is, try something new, as your hair is the crown you never take off, and a good hair day makes you feel like a million dollars. Remember…”If you always do what you always did…”


10. Show off your assets: Come on now. How about your shoulders, legs, arms, and decollete? Look for the positives in your beautiful shape instead of focusing on the negatives, like your tummy, upper arms or hips. Try a shorter hemline with a skirt that ends just above or on the knee to show off your legs; a fitted top, dress or skirt that shows off your curves as opposed to something baggy or oversized that adds pounds; A lower neckline to show off your décolleté with a lovely layered necklace; or a halter neck to show off your gorgeous, strong shoulders. Again, it’s about the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and try and embrace something a bit different and new.


Let me know how you get on via the DM on Instagram – good luck!


Anita xxx



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