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Animal Print – chic or cliché?

This season I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect animal-print dress. It’s fair to say I was a late adopter of animal print; I purchased my first item in my late forties and now own several in various permutations.  I love wearing them – just not all at once!

It’s a look and a trend that’s easy to get wrong … and we don’t want to give animal print a bad reputation (think pub landlady Pat Butcher or Kat Slater). Here are my top tips for nailing prints from leopard to tiger, cheetah to zebra, so you look like you’ve stepped off the catwalk rather than out from behind the bar.

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How to wear stripes

The striped shirt has been a beloved institution in fashion since March 1858, when an Act of France made it the uniform of the French navy. It became known as the Breton shirt, named after the sailors from Brittany who wore it and increased its popularity throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century.

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flower power

Oh boy, oh boy, am I excited that it’s March and Spring is finally here! Seeing beautiful seasonal flowers spring into action gives me hope for a brighter and more colourful year. Roll on 8 March, when my teens will be back at school after three months at home.

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How to wear a faux collar

How to wear a collar or faux collar. These collars are a great way to add interest to your neckline under a jumper, cardigan, dress or another top. They are more comfortable to wear than a sleeved shirt – no ruching, gathering or bulk!

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How to choose the perfect coat

I’ve put together a short video to show you the eight coats in my own wardrobe and how and why they work for me. I hope it will help you to choose not only the perfect winter coat, but also other coats which will work all year round. I’ve included links to similar coats.

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How to wear black and look fabulous

It would be crazy to say to a woman not to wear black. Yes, black suits some women more than others and here’s some tips on how you can rock in black if it’s not one of your best colours to wear near your face.

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How to choose women’s trousers

Award-winning personal stylist Anita Feron Clark gives loads of helpful advice on how to wear shorts, culottes, cropped trousers, elasticated trousers, chinos, playsuits, jumpsuits and dungarees.

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