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How to wear a faux collar

How to wear a collar or faux collar. These collars are a great way to add interest to your neckline under a jumper, cardigan, dress or another top. They are more comfortable to wear than a sleeved shirt – no ruching, gathering or bulk!

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How to choose the perfect coat

I’ve put together a short video to show you the eight coats in my own wardrobe and how and why they work for me. I hope it will help you to choose not only the perfect winter coat, but also other coats which will work all year round. I’ve included links to similar coats.

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How to wear black and look fabulous

It would be crazy to say to a woman not to wear black. Yes, black suits some women more than others and here’s some tips on how you can rock in black if it’s not one of your best colours to wear near your face.

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How to choose women’s trousers

Award-winning personal stylist Anita Feron Clark gives loads of helpful advice on how to wear shorts, culottes, cropped trousers, elasticated trousers, chinos, playsuits, jumpsuits and dungarees.

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How to choose the right colours to wear

Knowing which colours to wear near your face can make a world of difference to help you look healthier, younger and fitter. Do you know what undertone, value and chroma suits you best? This short video explains how.

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How To Wear A Faux Collar

I love wearing a faux collar as it adds interest around the neckline and it’s less bulky than wearing a shirt underneath a jumper or dress. This short video gives you some ideas as to how I wear these collars.

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