In October, my daughter and I embarked on a delightful adventure to the enchanting city of Edinburgh in October — a perfect haven for mid-lifers like me (but not my daughter!). Whether planning a long weekend or a whole week, Edinburgh welcomes you with open arms. The city’s charm lies in its walkability and the well-connected bus routes, ensuring you won’t miss a beat.

Here’s a short video with some highlights.

Here’s a short video of what I packed.

Here’s a short video with some highlights of our trip.

Retail Therapy & Cultural Delights

George Street: Immerse yourself in retail therapy along George Street, a treasure trove of shops like Whistles and Anthropologie. Amidst your shopping spree, relish the cultural vibe with statues dotting the street.

St James Quarter: For a modern shopping experience, explore the St James Quarter, boasting a Galleria layout and a captivating bee-hive-esque central building with an embedded hotel.

Scenic Retreats & Culinary Gems

Dean Village: Seek picturesque views in Dean Village, an oasis by the Water of Leith River. Marvel at 19th-century buildings and explore a charming museum.

The Meadows: Find tranquility in The Meadows, a city oasis. As you stroll, witness furry companions enjoying their daily exercise. Sundays treat you to a farmers market in Stockbridge, offering the finest local produce. And if hunger persists, Chez Jules, a delightful French bistro, beckons with a £9.90 two-course lunch menu.

Indulgent Experiences

Afternoon Tea at The Dome: Elevate your experience with afternoon tea at The Dome, a decadent Georgian building with Corinthian columns. Starting at £29, it’s an indulgence worth every penny.

Gleneagles Townhouse: For an evening tipple, revel in the 1920s-inspired glamour of Gleneagles Townhouse. If you’re in the mood to splurge, consider it as a stunning 5-star hotel option.

Theatrical Marvels & Landmarks

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: If your visit aligns with August, dive into the drama and theatrical talent of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Even during colder months, the Festival Theatre promises captivating productions. And at Christmas, Edinburgh transforms into a winter wonderland with festive markets and the alluring aroma of mulled wine.

Edinburgh Castle: No visit is complete without gazing upon Edinburgh Castle, an iconic landmark perched atop the old town. But heed this quirky tip: save the castle visit for after your child graduates from the university—avoiding any perceived bad luck!


Cultural Gems: During our stay, we marvelled at the Grayson Perry ‘Smash Hits’ exhibition at the National Galleries Scotland—an absolute must for art enthusiasts.


Feel the pulse of Edinburgh, a city that seamlessly blends culture, history, and modern delights. For more inspiration, check out this helpful article: 14 Things to Do in Edinburgh.

Seamless Travel Options to Edinburgh

By Train: Embark on a relaxed journey from London to Edinburgh by train, an approximately 4-hour scenic ride. The stress-free experience allows you to unwind, enjoy picturesque landscapes, and catch up on your favourite book. Book your tickets in advance for potential cost savings, and don’t forget to check for any current travel promotion

By Air: Edinburgh Airport welcomes flights from various locations if you’re covering more significant distances or prefer air travel. Flight durations and costs may vary, so checking with different airlines for the best deals is advisable. Once you land, efficient transport options are available to whisk you from the airport to the city’s heart.

By Car: For those who relish the freedom of the open road, a road trip to Edinburgh is an enticing option. The distance from London to Edinburgh by car is approximately 400 miles, and the journey can take around 7-8 hours, depending on traffic and chosen routes. Plan your stops to discover hidden gems and enjoy the trip as much as the destination.


I would love to hear about your visit to Edinburgh.

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