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I love colour in all its guises – deep and light, cool and warm, soft and clear.  But colour confidence isn’t just about brights. I don’t often talk about neutrals, but wearing colour can be about beautiful neutrals, too. They can look stylish, chic and timeless. Indeed, some of my clients only want to wear neutrals and I’m happy to show them the most flattering ways to do so.  What matters is that whatever you choose makes you feel and look amazing.


Pewter, navy, taupe, soft white, charcoal, mid-grey, beige, stone, camel, mushroom, cocoa to name a few.


I ordered in a few neutral items to give you some ideas.  Most are current, but if they are no longer available I hope I can inspire you to create a similar look by suggesting an alternative. Unless stated, the items are true to size. Key neutrals underpin a good wardrobe and should make up about fifty percent of it. They are so versatile and look great worn in so many ways:


One neutral head to head
Combining two or more neutrals together as block or plain colours
Wearing neutrals with another colour
Combining lots of neutrals in a pattern


Throughout the year, and especially at Christmas, I send out lots of gift vouchers bought by loved ones. My Zoom and one-to-one colour consultations are the most popular. Click here to purchase a styling gift voucher, a gift that keeps on giving for many, many years. Your loved one will look amazing and feel confident knowing which are the perfect neutrals and colours for them.





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