Women’s Hats

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Recently I’ve been asked about what guidelines there are when choosing a hat to suit your face and your proportions/scale. As we approach the wedding season and the races, and with the weather still a little bit nippy, it’s a good opportunity to consider our headwear.

Hats date quickly and won’t necessarily have much longevity in your wardrobe. However, they can turn a plain outfit into something special. Here are my top tips for scoring a hat-trick with your hats:

  1. Brims should not extend beyond your shoulders.
  2. Grand-scale women (over 5ft 7” tall) should avoid pill-box hats, which will look out of proportion.
  3. Petite women (under 5ft 3”) should not be tempted by large, wide-brimmed hats as the scale will overwhelm their delicate features and frame.
  4. Complement your face with your hat shape. Rounded crowns and brims in loosely woven straw or soft fabrics suit round faces.
  5. Square or rectangular faces will look good in flat crowns and straight brims.
  6. A downward-sloping brim doesn’t work with a short neck and can emphasise jowls; a brim with an upward tilt will help to lift the face.
  7. A completely coordinated outfit with matching hat looks contrived; a complementary or contrasting colour adds interest to an outfit.
  8. Dark colours cast a shadow over your face.

This image is of a hat from Marks & Spencer which I tried on. It’s a great fit, great quality and a great colour for £17.50. Good luck with your shopping!

Best wishes

Anita x

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