The Best Shoes to Wear with Ankle Length Trousers

What shoes to wear with ankle grazers

By popular demand here is a video which you have requested on what shoes to wear with ankle length trousers.

Basically, trousers which are not full length and where the hem finishes either slightly above, on or below the ankle are referred to as cropped trousers, ankle grazers, on the ankle, ankle or 7 eighths trousers (by M&S). The whole purpose of these cropped trousers is to show-off your lovely ankles.

Personally, I tell my clients to avoid ankle boots or shoes which cover up and add bulk around your ankles which defeats the purpose of wearing these shorter length trousers!

I love wearing cropped trousers in the winter too and I buy 100 denier knee-high pop socks or fine gauge woollen knee-high socks from a lovely brand called Falke. In the summer, I don’t wear tights but I make sure I rotate my shoes and I try not to wear the same pair two days running as sweat can make the leather insole smell.

Flat shoe options with cropped trousers are wide and varying. Consider ballet pumps, trainers (not too bulky), brogues, moccasins, flat slingbacks (as in the photo above), slip on shoes, strappy sandals, peep toes shoes etc. Basically, any flat shoe which doesn’t cover your ankles works really well.

If you prefer a heel, how about a kitten heel? a low to mid-heel looks good, especially if the shoe has a pointy toe as it also gives the illusion of elongating your legs. I find a kitten heel, a low stiletto or wedge works well and not a chunky block heel.

As a corporate stylist and personal stylist in Surrey and London, I often get asked to talk to women individually and in groups and this is one of the most popular questions I get asked: ‘What shoes to wear with ankle grazers’ and the ‘Best shoes to wear with ankle grazer trousers’ etc. so I hope this video answers all your questions.

The most important thing is to keep your ankles exposed with the right shoes. Enjoy the video below.

Best wishes

Anita xxx

How to wear ankle grazer trousers


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