new year (wardrobe) resolutions 2022


Hi folks

Happy New Year! And kicking off with some new year wardrobe advice.


When I do wardrobe consultations (on-line and at a client’s home), I encourage them to really evaluate what’s in their wardrobe.  How do the contents of their wardrobe relate to their current lifestyle?  What are their habits, what are they actually wearing, and how do they care for their clothes? 


It’s easy to be influenced — for better or for worse — especially on Instagram. But do ask yourself when you’re tempted, ‘Is this really right for me?’.  By that I mean is it right for your colouring, body-shape, lifestyle and budget.


Here are some simple, new-year wardrobe resolutions you might want consider to help you wear at least 80% of your wardrobe.


Click here to watch a 13-minute video I put together in 2019, which you might find helpful too.


If you need help getting your wardrobe ship shape, please get in touch, I’d be happy to help: 



Does it fit and flatter you NOW? Does the colour and shape make you look and feel fabulous? If the answer is no, remove the item as it’s taking up valuable space, and store it elsewhere or give it away. Staring at unflattering items in your wardrobe every morning brings no joy.


Have you worn it in the last 18 months? Are you going to slim into it/grow into it/wait for it to come back into fashion? Be realistic. Let it go to a new home — sell, donate, give to a friend.


Buy better, buy less Items which aren’t trend- or fashion-led stand the test of time. Focus on style, which has longevity and is your own interpretation of trends. High fashion won’t be the item you love to wear in ten years’ time and will probably end up in landfill.


Repair and mend If something is damaged or needs altering in any way, can you actually be bothered to get this done within the next four weeks? If it’s a piece you love, I encourage you to do so asap.


Don’t cram your wardrobe with new pieces.  If you add an item, another must come out. This one-in, one-out rule will ensure you are not impulse buying but are making more considered purchases.  It also means you can swish and glide your hangers easily and see what you have.


Write a list and have a budget every time you go shopping. Where are the gaps? What are the missing pieces which are stopping you from pulling more outfits together? If you buy the missing items, can you create at least three different and stylish looks?


Treasure and look after your clothes. Invest in good-quality hangers, fold properly, hang properly, add moth prevention and don’t wash or dry clean more than is necessary.


Plan ahead — lay out your outfit the night before. This way you’ll wear more of your wardrobe; when we’re pressed for time in the morning we reach for the same items over and again.

Good luck and do let me know how you get on!

Anita xxx




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