menopause makeover
Dear ladies
I’m very excited to be sharing and launching a new service with you!
Are you perimenopausal?
Are you going through the menopause?
Have you gone through the menopause?If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then a Menopause Makeover consultation is for you.
Your menopause should NOT be a midlife crisis
The majority of my clients fall into the 40 to 60 age range. And it’s their feedback and concerns about the effects of the menopause that has been the catalyst behind me offering this new service. I’ve seen hundreds of women for one-to-one consultations relating to some or many of the symptoms of the menopause. Remember, life begins at 50 and I’m here to make sure you look colourful, stylish, appropriate and current, whatever you’re going through.
Who’s it for?
It’s for women who feel they’ve undergone a huge change in the way they look and feel, and who need support, advice and encouragement to help them look and feel incredible. Going through menopause can affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. My job is to help rebuild that through showing you how to dress your body shape.


What’s involved?
The four-hour Menopause Makeover consultation is held in your home and covers ways in which personal styling can help you to weather some of the symptoms of the menopause. We’ll look at the following:

Colour, complexion and make-up
The menopause can alter the colour and texture of your skin. Colours which once suited you may no longer flatter you. I’ll assess your colouring and demonstrate which colours to wear near your face to best complement your complexion. I’ll bring along some items of make-up which I use on those of my clients who are showing changes in skin tone and texture.

Body shape
Perhaps some of your favourite pieces don’t fit as well as they used to? Perhaps you aren’t sure what your shape is now and how best to dress it? Weight gain, commonly around the tummy and bosom, may indicate that your body shape is changing or has changed. A change in body shape doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. I’ll assess your shape (women fall into six different body types) and offer advice on how to accommodate any changes. We’ll work through your existing wardrobe and showing you what still works and where any gaps are. I’ll then write a shopping list with suggestions of items for you to buy.

Hot flushes, night sweats or chills? Wearing natural fibres (there’re at least ten you may need) and the right shape of clothing will definitely help. I’ll be able to pinpoint what works well in your existing wardrobe and what I feel is missing.

Change in lifestyle
Sometimes what used to work may not work so well any more – but you still want to look stylish and to feel a million dollars, right? My aim is to create lots of stylish outfits for you which you can mix and match and which properly reflect your current lifestyle, from work to entertaining, from lounging around at home to walking the dog… It’s about making adjustments and sometimes the small ones can make all the difference. I can create a photographic record of clothing combinations from your existing wardrobe as we go along so that you don’t forget.

I’ll bring along lots of examples to show you how you can jazz up your outfits with shoes, scarves and jewellery.

My extensive knowledge of the high street, online independent brands and Instagram means that if you need to replace or add items in order to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, I’ll know where to source them.


What’s your investment?
To make it easier there are two options:
1. One payment of £500, which includes a maximum of two hours travelling time for a four-hour Menopause Makeover consultation at your home (payment in advance), or

2. Two instalments of £275. This can be spread over a couple of months and will need to be paid in full prior to the consultation.
Many thanks and here’s to fabulous, fit and cruising the menopause -#menopausemakeover
Anita x
p.s. charity
If you wish, I will bag up and take away any unwanted items of clothing to donate to a charity, Shooting Stars Chase (, that I work closely with. So far my donations have raised over £1000.
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