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Best Red Lipstick 2019

Here at feron clark style we LOVE getting dressed to the nines and heading out on the town for a fab night out. A bit of sparkle, a fabulous pair of shoes and a killer dress all make for the perfect look. All too often we’ll spend hours, or even days, searching for the perfect outfit for that special event, only to leave our beauty look to the last minute. This season make sure you plan ahead to ensure your pout is perfectly polished too.

A statement lip is THE look to be seen in this winter, so here are my top tips on which shades to choose and how to make your lips last!

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Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas: Get an Unique Experience Day

Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas: Get an Unique Experience Day

All I want for Christmas is …

To feel more confident about the way I look;
A better idea of which colours and styles will make me feel good and look fabulous;
A wardrobe full of clothes I love;
A better idea of where to shop to save both time and money;
To be the envy of my friends and family;
To have a colour and styling party with my friends;
To have something new I can add to my wardrobe monthly which is going to be perfect for me;
To cut the mustard with my personal style in my new job; and
To go back to work looking polished and current

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Women's Trench Coat or Mac in Charcoal

How the trench coat went from classic to cool

If there’s one wardrobe item that is synonymous with autumn and spring, it has to be the trench coat.

The trench coat dates back to before World War 1, when it was designed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoat that army officers wore. It was adapted to be worn in the trenches, which is how the trench coat got its name.

Since then it has evolved and developed as times and fashions have changed and it is still a mainstay of many a wardrobe across the world. But do you have one on your coat rail?

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Denim Details as a Personal Stylist in London and Surrey

Denim Details

Denim Details
First of all let’s talk about COLOUR – this season your denim needs to be DARK, so here’s how to wear it depending on your dominant colour category:

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Green 3/4 length Dress with Yellow Shoes

Making Trends Work For You – Colours

Each season different colours take centre stage and for Autumn/Winter 2018 we’re going GREEN.
The perfect shade for Autumnal weather, the key to embracing this trend is to choose YOUR GREEN and wear it in a way that complements your colour characteristics.
Here are my guidelines to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe for the season ahead…

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Red Blazer Jacket

Blazer v. Bomber

Navigating Autumn weather can sometimes be tricky here in the UK as it changes so often (sometimes within the course of a single day!).

It usually isn’t cold enough for a heavy coat yet but you still need an outer layer to keep the chill out until the temperatures really start plummeting.

This season there are a lot of lighter weight outerwear options: unlined coats, a trench coat or mac and I thought I’d give you the lowdown on a couple of other key outerwear trends: Blazers and Bombers.

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Fundraising for schools

School Fundraising Ideas

Why not raise funds for your PTA, and give the school mums a really great night out too?  Do some mums throw on the same clothes every day, wear slouchy clothes, wear dull colours to avoid drawing attention to themselves?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to dress for ourselves so that we feel good in what we wear, to be comfortable and practical, yet stylish, and to gain the boost that often disappears when we have children. 

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Shake Up Your Style

Autumn/Winter is around the corner and with it the opportunity to shake up your style, but where should you start?

Whilst we’re inundated with ‘hot new trends’ and ‘what to wear now’ articles it can be difficult to know where to turn, and what to buy.

We all have that one friend who seems to always look effortlessly stylish. Whatever the occasion they always get it ‘just right’ and seem to be able to look put-together and chic without seeming to have spent hours and hours getting ready.

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