Yoga and menopause retreat

I have an utterly delightful treat to tell you about.

Full details here

I have been invited as a guest (and your personal stylist) to May Simpkin’s @maysimpkinnutrition outstanding Yoga and Menopause retreat this September. You will enjoy everything this wonderful retreat has to offer:
🤩delicious food prepared by May;
🤩yoga with the amazing @jamieyogatrainings
🤩talks on how to ‘dress for the menopause’
🤩 and much much more

➡️There are only 5 places left!⬅️


Here’s a short video to see what the retreat has to offer.


Set in May’s beautiful chateau in the Loire Valley, there’s too many treats to cover in this post, but the videos and all the details are linked above. Please keep scrolling and reading down to the bottom of the information on the link. If you’re interested, please get in touch with May Simpkin via the links. You’ll absolutely LOVE it!

Hope to meet you in- person at the retreat in September – I am super excited!

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