👖You might have heard of the idea behind freezing your jeans, that it kills bacteria without actually having to wash them. This isn’t true, BUT freezing DEFINITELY kills odours and smells by 100%. 👊👊👊

👖Try and keep your jeans away from water for as long as possible. Wearing denim regularly affects the fabric as much as washing denim regularly. By washing less, you’re giving your denim longevity: you control colour loss, the shape, durability and creases.

👖Levi Strauss urges people to freeze their jeans to get more time between washes.

👖Or, between washes, hang your denim outside (I find this not as effective).

👖Have you tried this? Will you give this a go? Trust me it works! Please share (hit the paper arrow) if you found this useful – thank you!

👖Might be worth warning ⛔️ your family first, they may have a shock if they’re only rummaging for ice cream in the freezer! 🤣🤣🤣


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