zoom into your curated wardrobe: Monday 18 January, 7pm -8.30pm



Oh hi

Do any of the following ring true?

You’ve got a bit of time on your hands to sort out your wardrobe

You are only wearing a small percentage of your wardrobe

You want fewer clothes that give you more flexibility

You have trouble co-ordinating your clothes

You don’t want shapeless, slouchy or sloppy to be your default




Zoom into your curated wardrobe workshop, £45

Do you need to re-evaluate what you’ve got in your wardrobe?

Are you finding that now you are going out less you’re not wearing your favourite items?

Do you need help making your wardrobe more exciting by creating more outfits from what you already own?

Do you feel like there’s no point shopping for new clothes at the moment, but would still like to feel great in the clothes you have?

Has your lifestyle changed and your wardrobe is yet to catch up?

Let me help you de-clutter your existing wardrobe and create a capsule one that is flexible and full of clothes you will want to wear into winter and beyond and which are perfect for your lifestyle. This workshop has been extremely popular and caters to everyone, from individuals to personal stylists and image consultants looking to hone their skills. 

During the 90-minute workshop we will work through a workbook which covers:

How to create your own curated wardrobe, and the benefits of having one

How to do a wardrobe audit based on your lifestyle

Fashion purchases vs investment pieces

Cost per wear

Organising your wardrobe by colour and style

Where to shop: good, better, best. 


You don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to be well dressed, you just need to know which items work for your lifestyle so you can invest to impress.



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